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12 Week Sales Mastery Course

Reinforcing the Sandler Training System to ensure your continued success

Once you've learned the Sandler Training System, we're here to help you implement it into your day-to-day selling!

sales mastery course

This 12 week follow-up to the Foundation's course takes a deeper dive into the Sandler Training Methodology. Attendees will learn how to further implement Sandler techniques into their day-to-day selling during weekly classes and private coaching sessions. 

Group and corporate discounts are available.

Weekly course topics include:

  • Week 1: Advanced Learning and Questioning Techniques- Learn how to get deeper into the pain funnel with reflective listening and questioning skills.
  • Week 2: Anatomy of a Sale- Learn what really happens in every sales transaction.
  • Week 3: Complex Sale (Selling Major Accounts)- You will learn how to strategize, discover, and get through to all buying influences.
  • Week 4: Negative Reverse Selling- Move into the major leagues with the most power weapon in the Sandler arsenal.
  • Week 5: Objection Clinic- Learn how to always make the prospect answer their own objection.
  • Week 6: Change Your Record Collection- Things just aren't coming together? The problem could be your "record collection" or non-supportive beliefs.
  • Week 7: Pain Clinic- Pain is absolutely essential for executing the Sandler System, and this class will explain why.
  • Week 8: Team Selling-Here we will explain how to prepare for selling to a team or selling AS a team.
  • Week 9: Post Sell- You will understand how to confirm where you REALLY are in a sales process
  • Week 10: Strategic Account Growth- The best place to get new sales and increase your income is with your current customer base.
  • Week 11: Painless Prospecting- Before you sell something, you have to have someone to sell to!
  • Week 12: War Games- Attendees will go learn a detailed application of the Sandler "Submarine" as it relates to real-life situations.

Continued training is designed for you to see results through hands-on application of the Sandler Training methodology

Our Sales Mastery Program is typically selected by individuals or small to mid-sized businesses who've finished the Foundation's course and are looking for further their Sandler Sales Training. Supported by ongoing reinforcement and hands-on, real-life practice, attendees learn how to fully integrate the Sandler Methodology into their day-to-day selling.

  • Sandler's sales strategies enable salespeople to quickly and consistently identify, qualify, develop and close more sales opportunities.
  • The format is facilitator-led sessions in our Dallas office, supported by coaching sessions, and 24/7 online reinforcement tools.
  • This flexible and comprehensive approach to training is applicable for sales professionals in any industry or any size organization.
  • This approach utilizes our unique Formula for Success, which focuses on all elements of performance—high-performance behavior, winning attitudes and Sandler's non-traditional sales techniques.

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