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Acuity Systems, Inc. | Dallas, TX

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Online Strategic Customer Succes Course

Empower Frontline Employees With Effective Problem Solving & Business Development Skills

Is your company suffering from hidden customer care deficiencies?

  • Are you delivering good customer service?

    81% of CEOs believe they deliver a good customer experience, but only 8% of customers feel the same way.

  • Are your customers telling you everything?

    For every customer complaint, 26 remain silent, so unsatisfied customers stay uncovered until it's too late.

  • Does your team get to the heart of the issue?

    Many frontline/customer-facing staff lack the questioning and qualifying skills to get to the heart of their prospect/customer’s needs.

  • How do you stack up to the competition?

    100% of your customers are on your competitors prospects list.


This online, 8-week video course will be held every Tuesday from May 22th to July 17th 11am-1pm


Each class will focus on a different aspect of customer service/inside selling including:

  • What Do Customer’s Really Want?
  • Boosting Your Comfort Zone
  • Setting Expectations & Control
  • Building Relationships (D.I.S.C.)
  • Crafting Questions
  • Up-Selling & Cross-Selling (PAIN)
  • Understanding Customer Behavior (Transactional Analysis)
  • Dealing With Difficult People

Registration will be limited to 15 Participants
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8 Week Online Course

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"One of the challenges Employment Solutions faced pre-Sandler was an inefficient sales process, not only chasing unqualified leads, but chasing people we've submitted proposals to and ending up in voicemail jail. We were spinning our wheels making the sales cycle way longer than it needed to be. Since working with Sandler, we've been able to make our sales process much more efficient. We've shortened the sales cycle, and we now qualify our leads much better."

Dan Mori
President of Employment Solutions