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We get a lot of calls from people who want to improve their presentation skills in order to be able to close more business. When asked how much time, effort, and money is currently spent on presentations, the answers vary tremendously, and even after all of the hard work put into it, there’s still no sale.  

So what can we gather from this? Making presentations can be a costly and time-consuming effort, and regardless of how thorough it is, that presentation alone many not be enough to close the sale. 

So how do you close a sale? 

We often feel as if we have a good sales process in our heads that we try to follow, but it may vary depending on the situation. This only leaves us with inconsistent results. Your process should not only yield success, but it should be repeatable as well.

If you often find yourself delivering stellar presentations with no commitment to move forward, or your process changes depending on the product or service that’s needed, then click here to sign up for Why Have a Sales System on January 18 and find out what process you should follow so you can close more deals.




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