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This is the time that everyone starts to think about next year, but I'd ask you to take it a step even further.

To realistically look at 2016, you should look back on your last 3 years and see how much growth you have had. Has it been about 5% every year, or more, or less? Then, take a look at why it has been that big or small. What were the factors, and what can you do to get those road bumps out of your way for next year? We can all create a great plan for 2016 to grow upwards of 15%, but if you consistently have only grown 3% each year, you must first figure out what has been stopping you in the past.

I will give you a hint…..look in the mirror first before you blame others.

Once you've done that, then you can take a look ahead to December 2020. What will your life look like in 5 years? If you have 10% growth every year for 5 years, how much would you be making, where would you live, what would you be driving…..etc. This will really be your motivator.

The trick is not to just plan for one year out. Instead, first look behind you, THEN look far enough out if you want to change your life.

To get a good idea of the kinds of things you'll need to understand, I recommend you check out our Why Have a Sales System class THIS January 18th. It's free, but there are only 10 spots available. Click here for more info.

-Tom Niesen 


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