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Over the holidays, as I was walking around Beaver's Bend in Oklahoma, I started thinking about some past conversations with clients about organizational excellence. And one of the biggest obstacles many organizations face is a lack of clearly defined, company-wide goals. In other words... they don't know where their business is headed. 

This brings me to a few questions I usually ask sales leaders... do you know what direction your business is headed, or do you at least know where you'd like it to be? And more importantly, if you were to ask all of your employees the same question...would their answers be the same? In this way, your business is like a river...if there are too many different creeks, streams, or tributaries that flow from it, then it loses its strength. So too will your organization lose its way if everyone is moving at their own pace in different directions.

If you haven't created a clear path for your employees to follow, then how will they help you reach your goals? And if you don't know the direction your employees want to go, then why would they ever want to help you reach your company's goals in the first place?



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