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Hear what our clients had to say about how their company changed after choosing Sandler Training, powered by Acuity Systems, Inc.!

When our clients are successful, we know that we've succeeded in our mission.

Mike Sheehan


Industry: Healthcare Security

Hear what Mike Sheehan, CEO of Intellicentrics had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "We were in a really difficult situation where our biggest customer decided to take their business out to an electronic, web-based auction. We’ve all been there…you get reduced to the lowest price. Through [Acuity’s] coaching and consulting, their advice was to withdraw a competitive bid…and we did, despite how uncomfortable we were. That was five years ago, and as I stand before you today, we are still servicing that customer, and I give the entire basis of credit for keeping that customer for this long…to following the principles and teachings of Acuity Systems."

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Mark Austin

Mark Austin of Hardies Fresh Foods

Industry: Food

Hear what Mark Austin, CEO of Hardies Fresh Foods had to say about Sandler Training, powered by Acuity Systems. "We've been in business since 1943. We're one of the largest fresh foods companies in the state of Texas... It's a journey that we're on, and to be able to have resources like Tom and Acuity and everything they've equipped our team with, I don't see why it's not going to be a win-win for both parties."

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Laurie Sprouse

Ultimate Ventures

Industry: Destination Management

Hear what Laurie Sprouse, President of Ultimate Ventures had to say about Sandler Training, powered by Acuity Systems, Inc. "A sales process really is key, and Sandler has definitely helped us create one. That really is the measure upon which everything is built. It helps us to see where sales people are in that system them keep on track to make them successful."


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Randy Fry

Photo-Etch Company

Industry: Art Design & Manufacturing

Hear what Randy Fry, who was the owner and CEO of Photo-Etch until 2010 had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "Around 2002, recognizing that I needed some help, I ran across a few companies and discovered Acuity Systems, Tom Niesen, and Sandler. I wanted all of my sales people to attend the training. And I attended everything. I attended the sales training boot camps and the boot camps for managers. I felt like this was the way my company should go forward in training my people and making sure they could sell properly."


Kyle Hogue

TD Industries 

Industry: Construction Services

Hear what Kyle Hogue, a Partner at TD Industries had to say about Sandler Training, powered by Acuity Systems. "In one word, Acuity Systems to me is professional. It's a very well organized team of individuals...that are highly capable of teaching the Sandler System."


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Tina Young


Industry: Marketing

Hear what Tina Young, President of MarketWave had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "About 4 years ago, we started working with Acuity...we talked a lot about the business and where I'm taking [it] and I really saw that [they] understood the right strategies to get me to the goals that I had...When I sat down, it wasn't just a lecture from one person that's training. I really learned a lot from the people in the room too, because Tom always encourages role-play and situational types of exercises."

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Raymond Brown

Republic Manufacturing

Industry: Manufacturing

Hear what Raymond Brown, Sales Manager of Republic Manufacturing had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "With Acuity and just the training in general, we now know that when we call someone, it's with the goal of creating a partnership and not just supplying someone. Prior to working with Acuity...although we worked very hard, it seemed very hit or miss. Since working with Acuity for the past 2.5 years, [we've] fine tuned all of our internal processes in terms of sales."


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Steve Coffman

Watchguard Video

Industry: Police Surveillance 

Hear what Steve Coffman, President of Watchguard video had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "I think most companies tend to think 'nobody does it like we do'...and one of the things I really like about Sandler is, and the classes help with this too, most people have the same kinds of issues, and the Sandler Training methodology addresses that broadly. In many cases, it draws you out of this excuse that 'it's a problem that's just unique to us.'. And then Sandler has ways to address that that've been very very effective."


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Dave McIlrath


Industry: Housing

Hear what Dave McIlrath of Homevestors had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "I hadn't purchased a home in 5 months, and in my industry, that is a long time. So, coming to Sandler reminds me weekly of the 'basics'. I like to tell people that what I do on Mondays at President's Club at Sandler is the opposite of a used-car person's training, and it's really tapping into some of the core emotional needs that someone has."

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Jose Rodriguez

Natural Stone Designs

Industry: Design

Hear what Jose Rodriguez, President and Owner of Natural Stone Designs has to say about Sandler Training, Powered by Acuity Systems, Inc. "I feel that every single class is different [and] very interactive. We're not only learning from Tom, L'areal, or whoever is teaching class, but we also learn from the other people in the classroom. I feel like that is great because you can see that we all have the same goals. We all have the same aspirations."

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Keith Walters


Industry: Research & Data


Hear what Keith Walters, COO of Axiometrics had to say about Sandler Training, Powered by Acuity Systems, Inc. 

"We've really bulked up our sales staff over the past few years, and in order to have a consistent approach to selling and methodology for expectations, the Sandler system has been able to create a foundation for us. The name of our company is Axiometrics, so we're about metrics. And that's one of the things I like about the Sandler approach is being able to create measurable activities that are predictive of what's going to happen in the future. That's what we sell, so it's good to be able to do it internally as well."

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Jo Heinz


Industry: Architectural Design

Hear what Jo Heinz, President and CEO of Staffelbach had to say about Acuity Systems, Inc. "We see that we are much more factual with what we're recording. We're tracking activities and writing down what works and what doesn't. [It] helps us ensure that the efforts that we're expending are the efforts that are making a difference. Sandler has helped us get to know [things] faster. They've been very helpful in...shortening that process to help us get to [a prospect's] 'need' quicker."


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Dawn Brinson

Brinson Benefits

Industry: Employee Benefits

Hear what Dawn Brinson, President and CEO of Brinson Benefits had to say about Sandler Training powered by Acuity Systems. "For the past 15 years, I've been a Sandler geek...and just enjoyed having a framework that enabled all of us on our sales team now to use common terms, to understand better questions, and it's just a system with a lot of integrity."

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Alan Forster, VP of Sales, Black Box Network Services

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