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Acuity Systems, Inc. | Dallas, TX

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We serve—Sales Managers

Supervisor, coach, trainer and mentor—you do it all—but are you effective?

As a sales manager, the only way for you to grow sales and profits is through your team.

Our 12 month sales management course enables you to become a more successful manager by helping you refine the skills, processes, and best practices necessary for success in your most demanding management situations.

Your responsibility as a sales manager is to help your sales team be effective salespeople.

So, what can you do to improve your performance and be a better manager, mentor, and motivator?

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You Are in Charge of Your Team's Success

It's up to YOU to recruit and retain new sales people who have the potential to be successful. It's up to YOU to supervise, coach, and mentor them while holding them accountable for uncovering new business, sustaining existing business, managing their territories, and completing paperwork on time. Check out some of these sales management tips where our Sandler Certified trainers describe different ways to lead sales teams to success. 

Create a Culture of Accountability for Your Team

Accountability The Sandler Way, written by author and Sandler trainer Hamish Knox, shares how sales managers can create an accountability-driven work culture for their teams and themselves… by investing just 20 minutes a week in the classic Sandler sales and management principles.