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Check out some of our free upcoming webinar briefings, or watch recordings from our archive.

Unwrap the Gift of Sales Success

Over one jolly hour, get solutions to the common sales challenges that come with wrapping up the year and welcoming a new beginning.

2023 Virtual Summit

From the disruption of modern selling to AI innovations in aligning buyers and sellers, join us for this one-day event packed with insights and best practices from various industries.

ChatGPT for Salespeople: Prompt-Writing Strategies
That Win Deals

With its powerful AI natural language-generating capabilities, ChatGPT enables you to launch better sales interactions that build rapport, and trust, and, ultimately, drive sales. 

Will AI Tools Replace Salespeople?

As a sales professional, you know that every deal is unique. You know it's important to have the right information, people, and timing to close more deals. With the power of AI, you can gain a competitive edge by more deeply understanding your customers' behavior, preferences, and pain points.

Sales Matchmaking: Tips to Drive Deeper Connections & Conversations with Prospects

Designed for salespeople in the SMB space, this webinar will teach ready-to-use tactics that attendees can implement immediately within their day-to-day sales process.

5 Critical Insights to Lead Through Economic Uncertainty

The elections are over, the 2023 economy landscape looks to be volatile at best, and we are bracing for the unpredictable challenges and changes that are on the way.

Whenever there is change of this magnitude, it’s how your business and sales teams are positioned relative to change that dictates the ability to adapt, thrive, and grow.

Improve your results

CEO of Sandler Training, David Mattson and Tom Ziglar, CEO of Ziglar Inc. discussed how to overcome some of the most important planning challenges and erase the negative connotations of selling.


Watch the recording!

Using Social Media to Your Prospecting Advantage

How to leverage best practices on social media to generate leads.

Learn Sandler's timeless principles for effective sales leadership...and how to apply them

We hosted a special webinar for sales leaders with Sandler Training CEO, Dave Mattson, who presented his best practices for sales management. Dave's latest book, The Sandler Rules for Sales Leaders, was another instant best-seller and the perfect follow-up to The Sandler Rules for salespeople.


Learn more about the webinar

2022 Virtual Summit

Grow your business, grow your people, grow yourself.

Break Barriers and Beat the Odds

Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development, and Sandler Trainer Lorraine Ferguson author of Sandler's latest book, The Unapologetic Saleswoman discussed how to stop apologizing, feel good about your professional role and start selling.


Managing Your Sales Pipeline

Avoid shallow pipelines and inconsistent forecasting. This webinar is for salespeople and sales managers looking to build a strong sales pipeline.


Five Hidden Major Weaknesses in Salespeople

Do you find your salespeople saying the following statements?

“I don’t like to cold call.”
“My prospects have to like me to buy from me.”
“I must educate the prospect.”
“Prospects that think it over will eventually buy from me.”
“It’s not okay to challenge a prospect.”

Although many sales goals are very attainable, a lot of sales reps have no chance of hitting them … because of themselves.

During this 60-minute webinar, we will take an in-depth look at the five major weaknesses, discuss tell-tale signs, the impact they have on the selling process.

Selling to the Modern Buyer

Build the necessary skills to effectively navigate the modern buyer’s journey.

Create a World-Class Third-Party Selling Program

Brian Sullivan, VP of Sandler Enterprise Selling, and Sandler Trainers Marcus Cauchi and David Davies authors of Sandler's latest book, Making Channel Sales Work discussed how to recruit, build trust, and increase your influence with channel partners.


Finding the Right Hire

Talent is the ultimate resource. Join our webinar to learn how to make sure you’re introducing the right people to your team.

Make the most of the trade show season, and of course, the Sandler Annual Sales and Leadership Summit.

Sandler Training CEO and President, Dave Mattson presented his best practices for maximizing trade shows with the help of host, Mike Montague, Sandler's Director of Content Marketing. They are both veterans of countless events, conferences, exhibitions, and trade shows, and they discussed how to optimize and maximize your event investments.

Diagnosing Unrecognized Pain

Develop a plan to uncover and diagnose unrecognized pain and be on your way to providing solutions.

Create Clear Mutual Agreements

Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development and Sandler Trainer David Hiatt discussed ways to set clear expectations and create mutual agreements that ensure that both sides understand exactly what needs to happen to attain a positive outcome.

Starting Interesting Sales Conversations

You only get one chance to make a first impression with your buyer. This critical moment can capture their interest, establish equal business stature in the relationship, and set the stage for a mutually beneficial sales process.

Three Keys to Accurate Sales Data and Sales Pipeline

It’s tough to run a profitable business without an accurate prediction of your monthly income stream. That’s why sales forecasting is so important. Yet many sales forecasts are woefully inaccurate. Although we want our salespeople to be optimistic and positive, we also need them to be realistic so we can manage our business appropriately.

So what can we do?

During this 60-minute webinar we will cover the three vitally important pieces of information a salesperson needs to know to more accurately predict sales success.


Questioning Strategies to Improve Your Selling

Join Sandler Trainer Antonio Garrido as he takes you through a different approach to questioning strategies for the modern sales professional.


Become Your Sales Team's GPS for Success

Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development and Sandler Trainers Hamish Knox and Haley Ayraud discussed ways to create personalized roadmaps for each team member based on top performing behaviors.


How to Keep Top Performers During the Great Resignation

Sandler Trainers Sofia Rodriguez and Amber Rosamond discuss how to retain your top talent in the competitive business landscape.

Learn how to create a motivating vision for your future and a plan to achieve it!

Bob Sinton, a Sandler trainer for 20+ years, and Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training presented a live, public webcast including Sandler Training’s best practices on goal setting topics like creating your ideal vision for the future, setting short-term and long-term goals, and creating a reproducible recipe for success.

21st Century Prospecting

Sandler Trainers John Rosso and Mark McGraw discuss how to build a strong, robust pipeline during any economic condition.

Hire, Manage, and Motivate Millennials

Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development and Sandler Trainer L'areal Lipkins as they discussed ways to tie your millennial workers' goals to your company's mission and maximize results.


Scaling Sales Coaching

Discover five sales coaching strategies that will help improve rep performance andl help your reps start closing more deals.

Learn how you can create a 30-day plan for stress-free lead development!

John Rosso, author of the best-selling Sandler book, Prospect The Sandler Way, and David Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training Corporate Headquarters presented a live, public webcast on 21st century prospecting topics like conducting effective online pre-call research and using LinkedIn to generate referrals, and best practices for making successful first-calls. Archived recording of the live August 16 event.

Modernize Your Sales Approach with Hybrid Selling

Experience continuous seller improvement with proven sales practices from Sandler and modern technology from HubSpot.

Building a Bulletproof Business

Dave Mattson, President & CEO of Sandler training and Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development, discussed leadership blindspots and strategies to building a bulletproof business.


Escape the Traps of Growing Your Small Business

Sandler Trainer, Susan Sykes , Director of Franchise Development, David Hiatt, and Sandler's Director of Community Engagement, Mike Montague, discuss the challenges and solutions of growing a small business with like-minded individuals.

Sales Strategies to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Sandler’s Dave Mattson hosted a special webcast with Jamie Shanks, CEO of Sales for Life. Watch the recording as these two leading sales experts shared top sales strategy secrets and tips on how to use social selling to get ahead and stay ahead of your competition.

Selling Through Supply Chain Delays

Sandler Trainer Karl Schaphorst and Sandler's Director of Community Engagement Mike Montague discuss the 6 steps to success when selling through supply chain delays.

Drive Revenues Through Social Selling

Mike Montague, VP of Sandler Online Learning and Development, and Lindsey Demetris, Marketing Director for one of the top-producing Sandler training centers and consultant for Sandler Corporate Headquarters, discussed how to identify prospects faster and start more sales conversations using Social Selling.


2021 Playbook for New Sales Managers

Sandler Trainer Peter Oliver and Sandler's Global head of content Mike Montague will discuss the must-haves as you transition into your sales management role. 


Five secrets for how salespeople should leverage the world's largest professional network

Sandler CEO and President, Dave Mattson hosted a special webinar leveraging the power of LinkedIn to increase sales. His guest, Mike Montague, Sandler's Director of Content Marketing, unlocked powerful secrets to help you leverage LinkedIn tools to increase your sales. Archived recording of the live May 17 event.

Virtual Selling Trends

Sandler Trainer Jody Williamson and Sandler's Global Head of Content Mike Montague will discuss how to get more sales meetings, maintain your buyers' attention, get positive feedback, and leverage collaboration tools to build consensus.


Master Stress-Free Lead Development

We hosted an educational webinar for sales professionals and their managers. Sean Coyle, one of Sandler's prospecting experts, was interviewed by Mike Montague, VP of Online Learning and Development, where they uncovered best tips for no-pressure prospecting.

Scaling Sales Success

Build tomorrow’s leaders and self-sufficient salespeople. Learn the sixteen “rules of the road”  to transform your team into a well-oiled revenue-generating machine.

Coaching For Higher Performance Webinar

Sandler Training CEO and President, Dave Mattson hosted a session on The Coaches Playbook with guest presenter Bill Bartlett, a Sandler trainer in Illinois. Bill is the author of the upcoming Sandler book, The Sales Coach’s Playbook: Breaking the Performance Code—and he has cracked the code on coaching. Attendees for the live event received a free copy of The Sales Coach’s Playbook along with other exclusive offers.

Giving Powerful Virtual Presentations

Build your confidence as a virtual presenter, run more engaging and persuasive meetings, and improve your personal presence.

Ask the right questions, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reason

We hosted a special webinar where sales professionals learned the top four ways to answer a question with a question. Mike Montague, VP of Online Learning and Development, interviewed Sandler trainer and author of Asking Questions the Sandler Way, Antonio Garrido. Antonio presented his best practices for asking better sales questions. His new book is a breakthrough for salespeople trying to get buyers to the right solution more quickly.

Leveraging Video to Make the Sale

How to deliver great performances on camera to be memorable in your sales efforts in 2021.

Retooling Your Business

Learn how to reconstruct and strengthen their entire organization for 2021 and beyond. 

Break the Rules, Close More Sales Webinar

Hear from Dave Mattson, Sandler President and CEO, as he discusses common sales challenges and their solutions using the powerful 7-step Sandler Selling System. Both sales and sales management professionals will benefit from learning how to use an efficient and productive system to increase sales and revenues. Archived recording from the live December 2 event.

21st Century Prospecting

Learn goal-setting best practices from leading experts so you can do more, do better, and control the outcome.

Cold Emailing Prospecting Webinar

Hear from Dave Mattson, Sandler President and CEO and Bryan Kreuzberger, founder of Breakthrough Email, as they demonstrate how to effectively use Cold Email for prospecting and get REAL RESULTS. Archived recording from the Monday, November 23 live event.

Getting From Where You Are to Where You Want To Be

Learn goal-setting best practices from leading experts so you can do more, do better, and control the outcome.

Build a World-Class Sales Organization

Along side powerhouse email prospecting expert Bryan Kreuzberger, Dave Mattson, President and CEO of Sandler Training Global Headquarters, reveals the 8 best practices that drive exponential growth while building a World-Class Sales Organization. Archived recording from Tuesday, November 10 live webinar.

Selling in Uncertainty

Move away from a "freeze or flight" response or working "frantically and sporadically" to building strong momentum in your pipeline.

The Sandler Client Summit

Every year, over a thousand of the world’s top sales, leadership, and management professionals gather at a resort location for the Sandler Client Summit, where we network, share ideas, celebrate each other’s successes and participate in sessions led by top Sandler training professionals.

Improving Team Performance with Virtual Ride-Alongs

We asked our worldwide network of sales and leadership experts including Antonio Garrido, Sandler trainer, and author of The 21st Century Ride-Along and Asking Questioning The Sandler Way, what it takes to become a great coach.

Explore some of today's top-performing programs to see if we're a fit for you.

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Negotiating from the Inside Out

Have you asked yourself... "Am I a master negotiator?" Whether you're up against a novice or savvy negotiator, you'll learn how to achieve win-win outcomes without giving-in too easily, getting emotionally involved, or losing control when the road gets rough.

Accelerating Growth Through the Recovery

Start rebuilding your pipeline with five best practices on how to accelerate growth through a recovery

Small Business Big Sales

Our international experts will discuss how small businesses can recover, rebuild, and navigate the new normal.

Succeed at Selling Remotely

Our international experts discussed how to succeed at selling remotely in this webinar series. Learn how to prepare you and your team for virtual business growth with a virtual selling process.

Prepare You and Your Team for Business Growth

Sandler trainers Amy Woodall and Haley Ayraud Haggerty, along with Speaker and Author, Oksana discussed how to define "mindfulness" when it comes to sales, leadership, and business success and the direct link that connects mindful practices with accountability and achieving sales goals.


Achieve Your Goals

Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague, and Sandler trainer Amy Woodall discussed how to how to turn your big dreams into reality.


Sales Behaviors That Will Achieve Revenue Goals

Global Head of Content, Mike Montague, and Sandler trainer Pat McManamon discussed how to hold your sales team accountable to the appropriate sales behaviors and performance goals in order for you to reach revenue goals.


Motivate Your Sales Team

President and CEO of Sandler Training, Dave Mattson and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague, discussed the processes and practices that will motivate you and your team out of your comfort zones and into a rapid growth culture.


How to Hold Your Salespeople Accountable

Sandler Trainer, Hamish Knox and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague discussed how to keep your team accountable for performance without looking like a micromanager.

The Art and Skill of Sales Psychology

Operations Director at Sandler, Brad McDonald and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague, discussed the psychology behind your buyer's process and how you can adapt your behaviors and tactics to meet their needs.

How to Manage Salespeople in a Time-Compressed World

Sandler Trainer, Jody Williamson and Vice President of Online Learning at Sandler, Mike Montague, discussed how to leverage technology to improve individual productivity.


Improving Team Performance with Virtual Ride-Alongs

We asked our worldwide network of sales and leadership experts including Antonio Garrido, Sandler trainer, and author of The 21st Century Ride-Along and Asking Questioning The Sandler Way, what it takes to become a great coach.