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Acuity Systems, Inc. | Dallas, TX

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Check out some of our free upcoming webinar briefings, or watch recordings from our archive.

Webinar Briefing- Oct. 20

Five Hidden Major Weaknesses in Salespeople

Do you find your salespeople saying the following statements?

“I don’t like to cold call.”
“My prospects have to like me to buy from me.”
“I must educate the prospect.”
“Prospects that think it over will eventually buy from me.”
“It’s not okay to challenge a prospect.”

Although many sales goals are very attainable, a lot of sales reps have no chance of hitting them … because of themselves.

During this 60-minute webinar, we will take an in-depth look at the five major weaknesses, discuss tell-tale signs, the impact they have on the selling process.

Webinar Briefing- Nov. 17

Three Keys to Accurate Sales Data and Sales Pipeline

It’s tough to run a profitable business without an accurate prediction of your monthly income stream. That’s why sales forecasting is so important. Yet many sales forecasts are woefully inaccurate. Although we want our salespeople to be optimistic and positive, we also need them to be realistic so we can manage our business appropriately.

So what can we do?

During this 60-minute webinar we will cover the three vitally important pieces of information a salesperson needs to know to more accurately predict sales success.


The Sandler Client Summit

Every year, over a thousand of the world’s top sales, leadership, and management professionals gather at a resort location for the Sandler Client Summit, where we network, share ideas, celebrate each other’s successes and participate in sessions led by top Sandler training professionals.