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Acuity Systems, Inc. | Dallas, TX

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Meet Sherri

Sandler Training in Dallas, TX

Sherri Niesen is President of Sandler Training by Acuity Systems in Dallas, TX

New Sherri

President of Acuity Systems in Dallas, TX

Whether selling encyclopedias door-to-door or locating people’s whereabouts as a private investigator, Sherri has never been afraid to take risks. 

Today she is responsible for all the operations of one of Dallas’ most sought after sales training and consulting organizations. Her ability to identify risks, get the job done, and make sure everything runs smoothly has played an integral role in Acuity’s success.

“Sandler training is working and I barely have a moment to spare. I can’t even begin to describe the difference in my sales life. I have control, I have confidence, and I have a measurable system. I’ve set more appointments with less calls than ever before. I’ve lost almost all my cold call anxiety. Being able to pick up the phone, dial a prospect, and not be afraid or feel like I have to ask permission to do my job - that alone is worth its weight in gold.
Sandler is the best buying decision I have ever made.”

Alexis L. Evans, Business Development Executive
Manifest Solutions

Connect with Sherri

Contact Sherri: e) p) 972.960.8695 x224