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In sales, it’s important to separate your self identity from the role you play as a salesperson. Unfortunately, that’s easier said than done, because the two are easily confused. Your identity is a collection of your behaviors, values, and self esteem. Whereas some roles we play include employee, spouse, parent, and salesperson, just to name a few.

You may get defensive when a client or prospect questions your prices, your company, or even your reputation, but the second you become defensive, you’ll know that you’re no longer considering your role. Because, being a salesperson is just that: A role you play. Try not to take problems as a personal hit to your self identity, and try to stay emotionally objective.

The second you find yourself taking offense to things at work, ask yourself, are you letting your past experiences keep you from growing your role as a salesperson? So, separate the two, and learn how to be a role-player!


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