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While the world of sales is constantly changing, one thing remains the same... to be successful, you have to PROSPECT! do you find the majority of your prospects? Are you utilizing all of the available technology? And, more importantly, are you using technology to set yourself apart from the competition, or are you doing what everyone else is doing?

Most of the companies we work with do a fair amount of email marketing, which is great, but it's not enough on its own. For instance- on average, how many emails do you get per day? And how many do you actually read all the way through? Personally, I get up to 400 emails every day, which means a lot get filtered into spam. That's why email marketing should always be paired with different methods of online prospecting. 

Social media can provide a great way to both connect with AND better understand potential prospects, however, I can't tell you how often people I've literally JUST connected with send messages offering their product/service. This is the online equivalent to "showing up and throwing up". Instead, maybe try asking your prospects what they do and actually build a connection before giving them your 30 second commercial. 

Interested in learning more about how to prospect online? Let us know! or 972.960.8695 x223.

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