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Well, it's official...the New Year is here. This past week Sherri and I decided to get away from it all and stay in a cabin in Oklahoma. While I can admit it was pretty uneventful, it did give me time to think about some "big picture" things, especially when it comes to this business.

First, isn't it crazy that people used to travel across this country in wagons with only simple tools at their disposal? And, isn't it even more amazing that Native Americans were essentially able to do the same thing for centuries, utilizing the resources around them with even fewer tools? These groups of people were able to make the most out of the environment around them in order to survive. 

And, isn't it the same in sales? How often do you feel like you could have do more if only you had more time, money, resources, etc? Instead, maybe it's time to ask yourself how you can get the MOST out of what you already have. Oftentimes, those of us in sales have a hard time realizing this because of our beliefs. Thoughts like "I could be more successful if I only had _____" hold us back, without even realizing it. At Sandler, we call these self-limiting beliefs, and they're one of the most common things stopping salespeople from hitting their goals. The biggest problem is that while they might be self-limiting, you likely believe them to be true. So, instead of worrying about what you can/can't do, try to think about one belief you have that, if it actually WASN'T true, could help you accomplish your goals.


In the meantime, if you're interested in learning more about overcoming your own self-limiting beliefs and making the most of what you have, click here to check out one of our upcoming classes, and let's make it a great 2019!

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