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Acuity Systems, Inc. | Dallas, TX

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Introducing Sandler University

Offering the following courses


Sandler 10-week Foundations course

Learn the Sandler basics in just 10 weeks – A selling system is a process by which you develop an opportunity from start to finish, whether that finish is closing the sale or closing the file.
In this course you will learn to follow an actual sales process and stop shooting from the hip.

Fast Track

FAST TRACK 4-week course

This course is an expedited version of our Foundations course, covering the same concepts and practices but developed for Sandler clients that want to get their new hires up to speed, fast!


Sales Mastery 1 year course

Our Sales Mastery course is for those knowledgeable on the Sandler Foundations who now want to master the system and get their PHD in sales. We distilled into this program the timeless sales strategies, communication skills, and success principles which will accelerate your journey to becoming a lifelong, successful sales professional.

Sales Leadership

Sales Leadership 18-month course

This course will each and guide you on how to hire, retain, and coach the Sandler Sales System into your sales team.

Strategic Customer Care

Strategic Customer Care

This course was developed for those that value their current customer base and want to find out how to retain and grow them.


Prospecting Course

Prospecting in today’s world has changed and if we are not getting in front of people, all the sales training in the world will not help you. Learn how to break through all the defenses so you can help your prospects survive.

Explore some of today's top-performing programs to see if we're a fit for you.